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Anthony Nguyen, D.D.S.

ARTSCI Dental | Spear Online Member

Anthony Nguyen 2

Dr. Anthony Nguyen of Los Angeles, California only completed his dental training five years ago, but he's already made a name for himself both online and in his local community.


Otherwise known as Dr. Save-a-Tooth through his popular dental-themed Instagram account, Dr. Nguyen splits his time between his work as a practitioner and as a clinical educator at UCLA. This year, Dr. Nguyen will also fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a practice owner.


Learn how Dr. Nguyen leveraged enhanced his clinical abilities, built confidence to take on comprehensive cases and prepared for practice leadership through his Spear Online membership

Member Perspective

Anthony Nguyen, D.D.S. Spear Online Member "To provide the best for your patients, you have to seek out the best in dental education. That's what drives me to get better and do better with Spear - so I can serve my community better." Read More

Practice Leadership

"My vision for my practice revolves around community , compassion and care - and that's what I want to convey to my staff, patients and my team members," says Dr. Nguyen.

Dr. Nguyen's top practice leadership picks:


Clinical Education

"For me, comprehensive treatment planning is the end game. I think the biggest hurdle for a new dentist is to understand the big picture instead of relying on single tooth dentistry," says Dr. Nguyen. "Spear Education gave me a foundation and a structure to follow."

Dr. Nguyen's top clinical picks:

Practice Management Seminars

"I want to create a compassionate [practice] environment and I want to hire for that culture. I want to provide the best possible care for the patient - and that's where education comes in," says Dr. Nguyen. "To provide the best, you have to seek out the best. That's what drives me to get better and do better through Spear."


Leading your Business by the Numbers

This half-day seminar helps current and prospective practice owners build a plan for practice-based goals and values and how to break that plan into daily even hourly bites. Learners will emerge from this seminar with a roadmap to clearly visualize your ideal practice.

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