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Don’t Navigate Dentistry Alone

Join the Spear Community – An online space where dentists unite, share, and thrive together!

Spear is more than a website you log into or a place you go to attend a workshop; it is the thread that weaves thousands of people together, connecting dental professionals worldwide.  

The heart of Spear lies with our members – a passionate dental community empowered with valuable insights and knowledge. When you become a Spear member, you get access to our online community of doctors, team members, and Faculty experts through Spear Talk. 


3,000+ dental professionals

shared experiences and supported each other through our online community, Spear Talk.


652 discussions

were started on Spear Talk ranging from help with managing insurance policy to celebrating a successful treatment plan. 


Spear's digital community

serves as a supportive sounding board for implementing what you learn online and in-person to achieve clinical and practice excellence.

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Never feel alone in clinical practice again. We invite you to join the most enriching community in dentistry for a strong network at your fingertips. Ignite your learning spark with answers to your chairside questions and valuable advice from experts and peers about clinical dentistry, practice management, and more.

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