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Spear Core Workshop Curriculum Path

A Transformative Learning Journey

This eight-workshop curriculum path is designed to help you master predictable, long-term success for cases from common to complex.

The workshops are two or three-day courses held at Spear's Campus in Scottsdale, Arizona. These sessions consist of in-person lectures and hands-on training. They are available multiple times throughout the year, and you have the flexibility to attend them at different intervals, making it convenient to integrate into your busy schedule.

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By Completing the Spear Core Workshop Curriculum You Will Master:

  • Precision Treatment Planning: Develop a systematic approach to crafting precise and effective treatment plans for diverse cases.

  • Occlusal Confidence: Navigate the complexities of occlusion, ensuring stability and longevity in your restorations.

  • Restorative Efficiency: Align materials to your desired patient outcome and improve communication with your team and your laboratory.

  • Airway Excellence: Grow beyond traditional sleep dentistry to identify and avert medical implications for airway challenged or pre-apneic patients.

  • Worn Dentition Expertise: Specialize in the nuanced care of worn dentition, preserving and restoring teeth for optimal function and aesthetics.

  • Phased Treatment Proficiency: Strategically sequence and phase complex treatments, optimizing patient outcomes and satisfaction.

  • Patient-Centric Approach: Cultivate a patient-centric mindset, integrating empathy and communication into your clinical practice for a holistic approach to care.



I took most of the workshops within a year, and our revenue grew 60%.

Russell Jensen, DMD
Boise, ID

Your Core Curriculum Journey:


1. Treatment Planning with Confidence

From foundation to mastery this workshop lays the groundwork for precision with a comprehensive understanding of treatment planning. Develop the confidence to navigate complex cases, ensuring optimal outcomes for your patients.


2. Occlusion in Clinical Practice

Unravel the complexities of occlusion in real-world scenarios. Grasp the nuances of occlusal principles, empowering you to diagnose and treat with unparalleled accuracy.


3. Airway Prosthodontics and Sleep Dentistry: Prevention to Control

Learn time-tested best practices for airway and sleep dentistry directly from expert clinicians using them in practice. With early intervention, you'll dramatically improve a patient's quality of life.


4. Restorative Design

Boost your clinical speed, skill, and materials knowledge to minimize issues with indirect restorations. Practice technique on 28 teeth, learning proper tooth preparation, predictable margins, crowns, onlays, inlays, and a variety of veneers to implement right away.

Workshop-Thumbnail-Anterior Restorative Dentistry

5. Anterior Restorative Dentistry

Confidently go from concept to completion with a system for accurate mock-ups and adequate space, technician or CAD/CAM operator communications, provisionalization, and insertion of the final result with appropriate materials.


6. Worn Dentition

Specialize in addressing worn dentition, a crucial aspect of comprehensive dental care. Gain insights into diagnosis, treatment planning, and restoration, ensuring the preservation of natural dentition.


7. Phasing and Sequencing Complex Treatment

Learn the art of phased treatment, strategically sequencing complex cases for optimal results. Develop the ability to navigate intricate treatment plans with finesse.


8. Advanced Treatment Planning

The workshop is the culmination of the Spear Education Core Curriculum. Complex cases will be broken into five categories: severe wear, airway, TM joint, hopeless dentition, and esthetic challenges. The workshop is less about lectures and more about cases.