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Endodontics Hands-On Workshops

Empowering General Practitioners to Take on More in Specialty Care

Spear's hands-on endodontics workshop curriculum series focuses on endodontics and the concepts and techniques of clinical endodontics from foundational to advanced skills.

This curriculum series includes two workshops over four days that can be completed in an extended weekend at Spear's state-of-the-art facility in Scottsdale, Arizona.

After completing both workshops, you will be able to better identify endodontic problems in your patients and feel confident in your endodontic skills beginning Monday morning.

2 root canals per week x $1,000 per case = $104,000 added revenue per year

14 CE per workshop

Start Incorporating Endo Into Your Practice!

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Predictability in Clinical Endodontics

Learn the foundation of endodontics needed to perform endodontic therapy in a predictable manner. This workshop will provide a step-by-step workflow that can be applied to every case and will be applied in numerous hands-on exercises during the workshop. Topics will include comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning, access preparation, glid path formation, final shaping, and obturation. 

Participants Will Learn:

  • The factors of each unique case when diagnosing and treatment planning 
  • How to provide profound anesthesia on the most difficult cases, including dealing with “the hot tooth” 
  • How to perform conservative and safe access preparations 
  • The concept of proper working length and automate the creation of a reproducible glide path 
  • The different file technologies and options for imparting an appropriate shape to the canal 
  • The various irrigants, methods of irrigation, and their importance in removing infection causing bacteria 
  • The pros and cons of various sealers and obturation techniques  

Advanced Clinical Endodontics

Building on the concepts and techniques in Predictability in Clinical Endodontics, participants will be introduced to advanced topics that will further enhance their clinical endodontic skills. After completion, you'll have a better understanding of more complex clinical challenges, such as calcification, tight/tricky anatomy, and ledges. 

Participants Will Learn: 

  • The role and indications of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) in endodontics
  • Advanced access preparation skills including the use of ultrasonics to navigate calcified cases
  • Additional shaping instruments for both glide path development and complete canal shaping
  • Methods of irrigation, various irrigants, and their importance in the successful delivery of endodontic therapy 
  • Additional obturation techniques to allow for multiple ways to finish cases 
  • Presentation of updated outcomes studies that provides guidance as to what factors influence endodontic prognosis 

About Spear's Specialty Workshop Series

Spear Education offers a series of specialty-care focused workshop curriculum tracks that teach general practitioners how to identify potential specialty cases more effectively to expand their repertoire of in-office procedures and confidently refer complex cases to their specialist networks. Spear offers specialty workshop curriculum series in orthodontics, endodontics and implants. If you'd like additional information on Spear's Specialty Workshops, please contact a Spear Campus Advisor.