Taught by Spear Faculty: Greggory Kinzer, D.D.S., M.S.D., and Jeff Rouse, D.D.S.


Learning Objectives

Make Dental Health Desirable: Employ examination and beyond as opportunities to demonstrate the benefits of dental health, inspiring patients to desire the best dentistry you can offer.
Visualize Outcomes: Learn to separate treatment planning from treatment sequencing. Help patients visualize the what before they ponder the how.
Leverage Photography: Harness the power of imagery. Guide your patients to see what you see, plan treatments effectively, and visualize promising outcomes.
Plan Any Case, Any Time: Develop foolproof treatment plans for any complexity using the time-tested Facially Generated Treatment Planning protocol.
Converse & Convert: Master the art of four-part patient discussions that enable them to see what they truly want and ask for solutions that help them achieve it.