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Orthodontics Hands-On Workshops

Empowering General Practitioners to Take on More in Specialty Care

Spear's brand-new orthodontics workshop curriculum series covers aligner therapy starting with the fundamentals of orthodontic aligner therapy and progressing to understanding how aligners move teeth in contrast with traditional fixed appliances and how to use IPR in aligner therapy.

This curriculum series includes two workshops over four days that can be completed in an extended weekend at Spear's state-of-the-art facility in Scottsdale, Arizona.

After completing both workshops, you will be able to better identify orthodontic problems in your patients and feel confident in your ability to deliver aligner therapy beginning Monday morning.

1 clear aligner case per week x $5,400 per case = $240,000 revenue per year

14 CE per workshop

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Clear Aligner Therapy

Fundamentals of Orthodontic Aligners in Clinical Practice

This workshop will allow participants to compare various aligner systems and their similarities and differences, explore the history and importance of proper orthodontic diagnosis, exhibit the importance of aligner case selection and aligner mechanics, and tips and tricks to communicate to the digital lab for ideal aligner therapy.  


Participants Will Learn: 

  • Where to begin in assessing orthodontic patients 
  • What orthodontists look for, how orthodontic problems are identified, and the evolving history of orthodontic diagnosis  
  • When orthodontics is indicated and what guidelines we can use to identify potential challenges that may arise
  • The orthodontic workflow including the importance of 3D scanning in the aligner workflow
  • The fundamentals of aligner therapy, how it works, and when it can be utilized effectively
  • How aligner and orthodontic treatment can improve restorative outcomes 
  • The instances where challenging cases should be referred to specialist colleagues 
How aligners move teeth

Advanced Orthodontics Aligner Use

This workshop will tackle the specific and unique challenges of aligner therapy from how aligners move teeth, refinement and prescription strategies, utilizing IPR, adjuncts, and attachments, and gives guidance on aligner protocols. 

Participants Will Learn: 

  • The basics of attachments – when, where, how, and why they are used
  • Planning and implementation IPR strategies, understanding both how and why we utilize IPR in aligner therapy
  • Tips to communicate more effectively with your aligner company and how to submit prescription forms
  • Protocols with aligners and utilize the theories of aligner prescriptions
  • The importance of patient communication in starting and treatment planning aligner cases 

About Spear's Specialty Workshop Series

Spear Education offers a series of specialty-care focused workshop curriculum tracks that teach general practitioners how to identify potential specialty cases more effectively to expand their repertoire of in-office procedures and confidently refer complex cases to their specialist networks. Spear offers specialty workshop curriculum series in orthodontics, endodontics and implants. If you'd like additional information on Spear's Specialty Workshops, please contact a Spear Campus Advisor.