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Are you prepared to reopen as the COVID-19 recovery begins?
Reopening your practice and ramping up to positive cash flow may seem overwhelming. The practice management experts at Spear are ready to give your practice individual attention to help you develop an accelerated practice recovery plan so that you can reopen with confidence in your practice's future.

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What is Spear Practice Solutions?

Spear Practice Solutions is a business framework designed to help your practice reach your vision of success. As the COVID-19 recovery starts to impact the dental industry, Practice Solutions clients are receiving customized action plans, expert help from their dedicated remote consultants and real-time analytics to mitigate losses and return to positive cash flow faster. 


Improved Case Acceptance


COVID-19 Specific Resources


Increased Revenue


Better Team Alignment

How we do it

Expert consultants dedicated to your practice

You'll work with a dedicated consultant who will identify business opportunities in your practice, helping you achieve your practice objectives

Powerful analytics application

We compile all your data into a clear, comprehensive dashboard that helps you visualize practice health, proactively solve challenges and manage team goals

Prescribed, self-directed learning

The Spear Practice Solutions curriculum is designed to help your staff members refine their skills and develop new strategies and techniques to grow your practice

Campus workshops for your entire team

Join us in Scottsdale, Arizona, for hands-on sessions aimed at strengthening individual roles and aligning your team to optimize practice growth

What separates Spear Practice Solutions from traditional dental consultants?


Prepackaged one-size-fits-all solution

Customized, comprehensive tools for change


Periodic touchpoints, mostly reactive

Ongoing virtual coaching to ensure engagement


Time-consuming spreadsheets and trackers

Powerful, real-time analytics


Focus on doctor and office manager, not team

Campus workshops for team training

Get your complimentary 15-minute consultation with one our practice management advisors. 

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The Spear Practice Solutions impact


Dr. Brandon Cairo

Worcester, Massachusetts

“After less than a year with Spear Practice Solutions, we have more than doubled the number of new patients joining the practice each month, and our patient retention is now 94 percent.”


Dr. Sammi Hadad

Brownstown, Michigan

“With the Spear Practice Solutions platform, you can open it up every day and see exactly where you’re at. You don’t need to go run a report to see revenue, accounts receivable or how much is out there in treatment plans. It’s so useful and it saves time.”


Dr. Robert Conte

Warwick, Rhode Island

"There is very little stress day to day because we are all on the same page. Within six months of working with our practice solutions consultant, we had our best month ever – $209,168 in production revenues – and we have improved patient retention by 20 percent."


Dr. Michael Snider

Greenwood, South Carolina

"It’s great to see new patients and see the practice growing, but it’s also been great to see my practice grow without anyone feeling rundown, beat down, tired, or like they don’t want to be at work. I have 10 employees, they all know what our goals are, and we’re all moving in the same direction."